Easter Eggs Drying

Scrolling through Facebook yesterday I saw multiple friends say that Easter has been canceled. I couldn’t agree with that. Easter is what you make of it; just like any other holiday. So I scrolled through websites and Pinterest to gather up some ideas to do with the kiddos during this stay at home time. I hope you enjoy these three ideas. Follow my Easter Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Easter Eggs Colored Drying
Colored Easter Eggs
  1. The first idea I came across was an Easter Egg Popsicle. I can’t believe I never thought of doing this. It’s so simple! Basically you are making popsicles inside of the reusable plastic Easter Eggs. Check out “On My Kids Plate” article called Easter Egg Popsicles for the exact directions.
  2. Next is an idea that you could use in multiple ways. This one is a Salt Dough Easter Ornament. After making the ornament you can paint it and had accessories. The article shows glitter but enter that at your own risk. A thought I had while reading this was this would make a great gift to family, friends, and neighbors. Make a list of people who you would like to drop these off to during this quarantine and let the kids decorate each one for the person. Then after they are dried you can write something on the back and leave on their door, porch, etc while keeping your distance. What a great way to share smiles during this time. You can find this entire article at The Best Ideas for Kids under their Salt Dough Easter Post.
  3. The last idea is a game or competition you could have between siblings. This is something even myself and brother would get into. Jellybean Pickup! No, it is not like 52 card pickup! HAHA. Have two bowls. One with jellybeans and one empty. Set a timer and use a straw to pick up jelly beans and move to the empty bowl. Keep going till the timer goes off. See who has the most after everyone has gone! This game came from Making Life Blissful under their post of 10 Easter Activities for Kids. Check out their other fun game ideas while you are there.
Jelly Beans in a Jar
Jelly Beans in a Bowl

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