Cleaning Living Room

Day 1

On Day 1 start with decluttering your main living spaces. Start the day with 3 boxes or bags labeled with Donate, Trash, Keep. This will be your way of sorting throughout the day. Your keep box/bag will be for items you want to keep, but they don’t belong in that room you are in.

*Living Room – Go through closets, DVD’s, VHS, Games, Books, Shelves, and anything else you might have in this room.

*Kitchen/Dining Room – Sort through dishes, pans, pots, spices, food, recipe books, Tupperware, cookie cutters, utensils, glasses, coffee cups, and small appliances. Donate anything you haven’t used in the last year.

*Bedroom(s) – Start with your clothes, shoes, blankets, and move to anything else you might keep in your room. Use the same theory as you did in the kitchen. If you haven’t used it in the last year get rid of it.

*Bathroom(s) – Don’t forget to donate unused items, make bags to keep in your car for the homeless, and get rid of things you don’t use or didn’t like.

Day 2

Today is the dreaded Garage. Do it all at once or take your time, but this is the catch it all for the home and needs to be done no matter how much you don’t want to do it.

Have a clear plan for your day. Keep the 3 box/bag theory going from day 1 and pull everything out. Sweep the empty garage and then plan out where everything you are keeping will be going back in at.

If you are feeling adventurous you can make shelves or take any of these ideas in the video for your own organizing.

Day 3

Today you will be focused on dusting from up high to down low. Dust the fan blades first, window frames, shelves, tv stand, and baseboards. Do this to every room in the house. Don’t forget above cabinets in the kitchen.

Next, take off your curtains and wash them. Make sure to read the directions to see the proper way of cleaning. I personally wash mine in a gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Day 4

You will be spending the day outside today. Grab all your garbage cans from the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.

Use your hose and dawn soap or bleach to clean all the trash cans out. While you have the cans outside you are going to use them to wash your porch/patio. After a good cleaning fill a can with water and soap and get to work on scrubbing the porch/patio off. I personally like to use a cheap broom from the Dollar Tree to save my back, but to each their own if you want to get down on your hands and knees.

Day 5

Windows, windows, and more windows.

On the 5th day, you want to keep your focus on the windows and window seals. Take screens off and clean the inside and outside of each window.

Day 6

Grab the sunblock as you will be outside all day focusing on your lawn. If you have a large front and back yard you might want to separate it into 2 days. On these days focus on mowing, pulling weeds, trimming, and anything else you have been wanting to do in the lawn, but couldn’t find the time.

Day 7

After a long day in the yard the day before you can rest today between wash cycles. This day is all about your pillows. These need to be washed a few times a year with hot water.

Day 8

Now that you have put that washer to some great use lets clean it! Did you even know that your washer and dryer need to be cleaned? Check out your washer and dryers website for the proper way to clean each of them. I would include into this day pulling them out and cleaning behind and under. The exhaust also needs to be cleaned to keep from causing a fire. Make sure you read if there are any filters that you need to check or change out during this task.

Day 9

All about the floors today! Today you will want to vacuum, sweep, mop, and shampoo all your carpet. Borrow a shampooer from a neighbor or rent one at your local grocery store. Make sure to do rugs and under rugs. In our area the local brand to rent is called Rug Doctor. Find your closet store to rent one at their website

Day 10

After all your hard labor yesterday let’s focus on cleaning and organizing our electronics. Do you know the last time you cleared your recycle bin on your computer? Are your photos getting out of control on your phone? Been meaning to back up everything, but haven’t made the time? What about making an emergency flash drive with all your important files on it for the safe? Today is your day to accomplish all of this.

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