Bird on Chimney

Are you going stir crazy at home? What about your kids? I have put together a scavenger hunt for you to complete or to share. These are things that can be found fairly easily in a neighborhood.

What I did for this was asked the participants to text me a photo of all their findings within a set time period. Then I had a gift for the person who found the most or for the people who found them all! So much fun!

  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Feather
  • A Rock shaped like a heart
  • Y shaped Twig
  • Yellow Flower
  • Animal Footprint
  • Squirrel Sighting
  • Wild Mushroom
  • Frog
  • Birds Nest
  • Rabbit
  • Butterfly
  • Caterpillar
  • Red Sign
  • Solar Light
  • White Mailbox
  • Anything Orange
  • Waterfall
  • Tree with Flowers on it
  • Dandelion

As always Stay Safe!

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