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Table Rock Lake Guided Fishing

Let’s talk about what is 43,000 acres with fluctuating water levels, man-made, and is located in Missouri and Arkansas. Did you guess Table Rock Lake? That would be correct. This lake is one of the biggest draws for Branson and the surrounding areas. There are businesses that cater to everything you would need from places to rest your head, rent a boat, guided tours, marinas, and so much more!

What do you enjoy most about Table Rock Lake?

Fishing is a popular option for all ages. Fishing is available from land or water.  You can catch a variety of Bass, Catfish, Paddlefish, Bluegill, and Crappie. With so many waterways connecting into Table Rock Lake, it creates the right habitat for basically any freshwater fish. There are record-setting sizes that have been caught out of this lake. Multiple fishing tournaments are hosted here yearly.

Table Rock Lake
So much to do, so little time.

Fishing from land can be relaxing and easy to get started. This also isn’t as time-consuming as putting the boat in. The second way which we see the most is in/on a boat. This way can put you anywhere on the lake and near anywhere you would like to be.

Table Rock Lake

Before heading out make sure to check if you will need a fishing permit or not. I highly recommend checking the Missouri Fishing Permit section of the Missouri Conservation site out. You also need to know which fish you can take home and how many you can take. This is a great way for the conservation to ensure the lake is stocked.

Table Rock Lake Activities
What we enjoy on Table Rock Lake

One of the other most popular activities is boating. This can be a very “Chill” and relaxing activity but can turn dangerous very fast. A few tips that you should follow to keep you and your occupants safe. The first thing that is recommended is to keep a GPS navigational system with you. This will help you find your way around or if something was to happen you can let the help know where to find you.

Table Rock Lake Things to do
What I enjoy doing on Table Rock Lake

Another important factor of knowing where you are is knowing where the gas can be found. Table Rock Lake has 14 public marinas where you can purchase gas, food, and other supplies. You need to call ahead and find out what their hours are to ensure you are never left afloat during your time when you don’t want to be.

Table Rock Lake things to do
Things to do on Table Rock Lake

Before heading out make sure to check if you need a boating license. The waters are just like roadways, you want to always be safe.

When you are packing make sure you pack proper flotation devices, first-aid kit, blankets, change of clothes, sunscreen, weather radio, and any other normal things you need during an outing in the sun.

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