1. Secure your home from pests and critters – Just like people the little things want to come in from the cold. They want to be warm too! Since the weather is dropping you need to prepare your home. To prepare your home you need to start with your attic vents and make sure they are screened, check openings and cracks, seal windows and doors. For more tips check out this article on how to pest-proof your home.
  2. Clean your air vents – When I was a kid I was always dropping something down the vent, so who knows what is blocking that hot air from coming into the house. The heat blowing is also a breeding ground for dust mites and other tiny things. If you’ve never had the entire duct system cleaned you might want to call a pro in.
  3. Replace broken snow shovels, service your snow blower, and stock up on ice melt – Not only is some of these tips going to save you money, but you will be the family rockstar after the first snow day.
  4. Check Exterior hand railings and stairs – The walkways and stairs are known for being treacherous after a storm. You will want to ensure the railings are safe and secure just in case you need something fast to grab on like I normally do.
  5. Clean out your refrigerator – Reduce the risk of food poisoning and keep your fridge clean. Throwaway the expired items, clean the shelves, free up space, and make sure you have room for that turkey and leftovers.
  6. Winterize your AC – Make sure you protect your AC from the winter elements headed our way. Maintaining it will save you money down the way and keep it going for years.
  7. Check those Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detectors – They taught us in school multiple times to check the batteries and replace them. It’s that time of year again.
  8. Replace your weather stripping – Worn out weather stripping allows cold air to seep into your home and makes your heating bill higher.

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