We have made it to smart appliances! Started with phones, thermostats, lighting, locks, cameras, now you know if there is a water leak or a window is unlocked!!! Do you know if smart appliances are right for you? Let’s find out.

Smart Appliances

What Makes Them SMART?

They are first called smart because they offer functions that are not available in the other models. Phones are a great example to use. We have a flip phone aka basic phone and then we have a smart phone. Basic model verse smart model. The smart models are usually programmable, have multiple sensors, connect via phone, and so much more!

Smart Microwaves

With any product you will have a couple competitors who will come up with the first models and each will have different components. The Smart Microwaves have options that include estimating the necessary cook time to heat up, adjust their intensity automatically based on how well their contents are cooking, and controlled over Wi-Fi from your smartphone. The last thing that really makes these a smart appliance is that you can control them with a virtual assistant like Google or Amazon’s Alexa.

Washers and Dryers

Smart washers and dryers are all about saving money, adjusting details, and reducing energy costs. The ability to check their status and start or stop a cycle from a smartphone is a big feature for these items. Some options even will send you alerts when the cycle is done. A big feature that I personally enjoy is that it helps read error codes to assist customer service to know what’s wrong.

Smart Refrigerators

Like most of these products energy efficiency is a priority for smart refrigerators. They also measure the internal temperatures more accurately and work through cooling cycles more efficiently. Top of the line have a video screen in the door that can be activated by turning the internal light on and a camera shows you exactly whats on the shelves in your fridge! Depending on the model, these images can be sent to a smartphone or assessed via an app! Imagine going to the store and knowing exactly what’s in your fridge!

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