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With the kids back to school and a little more free time in our hands we might think about picking back up those projects we set aside when summer got to busy. We love to think that when kids go back to school it’s Fall and we have beat the heat, but that sadly just isn’t true. Even in August and September here in the Midwest we can reach some of the most humid days. With that being said we need to make sure to take care of ourselves while we are doing those DIY projects. Here are a few tips just as reminders.


OBVIOUSLY right? You would be surprised at how many people don’t drink enough during the hot months. Good tip is to increase your water intake before, during, and after any periods where you’ll be in the heat and sun. This next tip is hard for my heart, but they recommend to refrain from coffee, tea, and other drinks with caffeine before going out in the sun. The caffeine content can actually make you lose more water. They do say that an occasional sports drink or beverage with electrolytes won’t hurt, since your body needs electrolytes for proper functioning.



Did you know that it could take your body 7 to 14 days for your body to get use to high temperatures? If you are going to be working outside a lot in the heat you should increase your intake to the heat gradually. Try tackling smaller tasks with big breaks between until your body gets accustomed to being out in the sun.


We understand that it’s tempting to wear as little as possible when it’s hot, but this can be a bad idea. Not only are your asking for a worse sunburn, but it can make you more likely to experience an injury when you’re working. Cover as much of your skin as possible with light-colored, lightweight material that’s loose enough that it doesn’t cling to your body. Choose a fabric that breathes, or clothes made of wicking material designed to help keep you cool. Hat and Sunglasses or other eye protection are recommended as well.


Common signs of heat-related illness can include sweat, confusion, lightheadedness, slurred speech, dry skin, increased body temperature, and loss of consciousness. If you notice any of these signs on yourself or others get out of the heat right away and seek medical assistance. Since some of these are hard signs to identify it is a good idea to have a friend or family member check on you once an hour for your protection.

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