Bumpers for Dogs

You just bought a new home and want to do everything you can to preserve it’s “newness” while living with your dog. I have collected multiple items that you will want to invest in prior to moving in to keep the house looking new.

Door Scratch Guard

Scratch Guard for new home

The Scratch Guard is easy to install on the inside and outside of the door. Dogs don’t mean to harm the door, but it’s their way of knocking to let us know they are ready to come in. Or if you have trained them to, it’s their way of telling us they want to go outside. As easy as it is to repaint a door this Scratch Guard can prevent you from needing to repaint at all. You can find the Guards in all different sizes and shapes.

Puppy Bumpers

Bumpers for Dog

Having a puppy or smaller dog can have it’s benefits and obstacles. One of those obstacles can be they seem to find every hole they can fit through to chase that squirrel, neighbor kid, or other dog. When you have just moved into a new place they don’t understand always where their boundaries are, so why not be confident they can’t get out with these puppy bumpers.

Double Sided Tape

Scratched Couch

Yes you read that right, double sided tape! Your thinking what in the world is this lady talking about right? You can use Double sided tape on your furniture to keep cats from scratching. They hate the sticky feeling. Great way to keep that new furniture in your new house staying new. Have issues any where else in the house they are scratching? Just go ahead and add some tap to the area. It’s that simple!


Squeegee for fur

If you have a pet then most likely you let it roam the house freely at one point or another during the day right? Or does your pet have that one spot they love to sleep and it seems you can’t ever get all the hair out of the carpet in this area? Use a squeegee to get the hair up! Brilliant right?

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