We want our pets to be safe just like we want our kids to be safe, so here is a list of things to consider when you are moving into your new home.

  • Use a trash can that has a lid that will close securely or that will lock. Also look for one that has an automatic closing lids to ensure lid is always closed.
  • Put child locks on all your lower cabinet doors. We normally keep things like cleaning supplies or chemicals in those cabinets, so we want to keep the pets safe by keeping that area locked.
  • Know what foods that can be poisonous to animals. For example chocolate, coffee, grapes, and so many more.
  • Keep doors closed on dryers and washers. This may seem silly, but you’d rather be safe then sorry.
  • Keep all the small parts of your kids toys picked up. These can be choking hazards or even toxic when eaten.
  • Move or cover cords that could be chewed. Keep this in mind during the Christmas season as well.
  • Plants should be out of reach of your pets as well. Plants like Aloe Vera could be toxic to your fur baby.
  • Clean up spilled or leaked antifreeze. Even the smallest amounts are toxic to animals.
  • Bury chicken wire to prevent pets from digging or escaping under fence boards. *Brilliant*
  • When spraying your yard make sure your chemicals are safe for animals. If someone does it for you it would be good idea to double check with them that they know you have an animal and want something safe for them.

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